Call Centers


    Lead Generation Campaigns are Available. You will be calling potential customers all over the U.S. Looking for customers, who are interested, cooperative.  You will live transfer those calls, to our closing agents.

 We will provide the following for FREE !!

  • The dialer 
  • Daily Reporting
  • Training
  • leads.
  • VAKA (Non Voice technology)

 There are no setup fees. However, you are responsible for your VOIP minutes – Must use our VOIP provider.

 We will pay you on a per transfer, with a 60 second buffer) - Payment – Weekly – Every Friday – Paid via PayPal

 Please go to and review the demo video.


  • Minimum 25 agents
  • Must have High Speed Internet Access
  • Windows 7 or better PC
  • A Static IP Address 


 TMI Communications does not allow brokers, consultants or “middle men” of any kind unless otherwise approved by TMI.  We NEVER charge any start up fees or up-front fees, except Prepaid VOIP (3rd Party Vendor).  Under no circumstances, should any person or company request a fee or commission from your center to run our campaigns.  We insist that the call center receives and keeps 100% of the commissions.  We require that we are contracted directly with the call center and call center owner generating the campaign and that we have direct access to the sales floor, managers and agents when requested via Skype video. 

 Positions now open for the following campaigns: