Home Security Live Transfers


Home Security Live Transfers

  In today's Technical world we understand the hassles that you go through on a daily basis with the technical equipment that takes up your time and resources. We at TMI have devised a system that has a 99.9% up-time thus giving you time to concentrate on managing and growing your business to its fullest potential. Our Home Security live transfers, with 60 second buffers are generating hundreds of live transfers daily with the following qualifiers: 

  • Interest
  • cooperation
  • home owner (not renter)
  • Existing Non-contracted systems

How it Works

    Upon purchasing we will provide the following:

  • TMI will assign users to our system for your closing agents to log into. (Free of charge).
  • TMI will provide a technical support team in assisting set up of your agents.
  • Your agents will have 60 seconds to re - verify the above, to ensure that it is a quality lead.
  • You will receive A lead usage reports the following day Via e-mail to include:
    • Number of leads use.
    • Customer info
    • Length of transfer that agent received

Your Requirements 

    At TMI we strive to make things simple. So therefore we have made the requirements simple as well.  This is what you'll need to get started.

  • Minimum order of 50 transfers.
  • Closing agent (Minimum of one)
  • Working Internet connection.
  • One working PC per agent.
  • SIP phone installed on all PCs. Example: (X light, Eye-beam, Zoiper)
  • One working headphone and microphone Headset.

Upon completion of the set up with technical support. Your agents will be placed in a round robin scenario - Meaning if your agents are on pause the calls will be rerouted to other agents - If your agents are in a call, calls will also be rerouted to other agents - Its only when your agents are in the ready to take calls state, will calls be routed to your agents. Therefore never missing a lead. Now that's just simple! Contact one of our sales reps to get started today. Be sure to ask about our introductory program for new clients. 




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