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Welcome to TMI Communications.

TMI Communications is a telecom and call center consultancy and software firm that offers an all-in-one hosted call center platform that provides all the core functionality of a hosted call center suite seamlessly integrated with our high volume Predictive platform power dialer, low cost and flat rate VoIP, integrated CRM and VAKA technology. As a modular system however, you the client can chose between one or more of these modules based on your immediate needs and future goals for growing your business.


TMI Communications offers three core services to your customer service, telemarketing and telesales company.

VAKA (NON-VOICE) SOFTWARE- As telemarketing veterans with decades of experience we at TMI recognize the fiscal advantages to outsourcing your campaigns to offshore centers to dramatically lower your overhead costs. However, despite the enduring work ethic and flexibility of these foreign centers the Western consumer has gradually become socially conditioned to simply hang up on telemarketers with strong foreign accents.

Our proprietary non-voice technology has revolutionized the near-shore, offshore and domestic call center industry by allowing agents who do not communicate well to communicate perfectly in any language and any accent, on every call with customers all over the world!
Our clients make more calls, get through more Pitches and as a result see more Sales per agent from the very first day
With VAKA software available for Home Security, Solar Energy, Investment and Financial Services, Debt Management, Merchant Services and Mortgage and a proven history of enormous financial success, we can customize our technology to your existing outbound or inbound campaigns.
Our Non-Voice VAKA Software System is available for month to month, no contract licensing starting for as little as $20 per month, per agent!

LEAD GENERATION – Our Lead Gen process begins with our strictly filtered and scrubbed domestic data which is then dialed using our state of the art VAKA non-voice software contacting your prospective customers directly, checking their qualifications and level of interest and willingness to co-operate. Based on these qualifications and your specific needs we transfer the call directly to you!
Our campaigns have proven track records of success to through our higher conversion rates and lowest industry per lead costs. Our Lead Gen can allow you to lower your sales or customer acquisition costs dramatically, diversify your business or keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality live transfers using TMI Communications’ turnkey lead generation tools.