In most cases the VAKA Will not work properly If the directions for the installation and configuration were not followed properly. Here is a list of common questions and answers that may help troubleshoot your VAKA System.


Question: Can I install this on my Linux machine?

Answer: Unfortunately at this time we do not support Linux systems, however we are in the testing phase. You will find a list of OS systems that we are testing on the VAKA Installation page


Question: What is causing my audio to be choppy and not completing when I press the button.

Answer:  In most cases this is caused because the agent is not using chrome for the browser. The VAKA Is designed to run on chrome only. 


Question: The customer is complaining that audio is choppy and they cannot hear clearly

Answer: There are a number of reasons that this could happen, be sure you are on a suitable Internet connection has enough bandwidth to supply the number of agents you are using.


Question: I cannot hear the customer but I can hear the VAKA.

Answer: This is a common problem when the configuration instructions are not followed properly on how to configure the driver settings for the agent PC. Please refer to the video Driver Settings part two and verify that your settings are properly configured.